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Western Pennsylvania Lawyer Provides Comprehensive Tax Support

Pittsburgh law firm helps with planning, filing and litigation

Whether you’re responsible for paying federal, state or property taxes, complex rules can make it very difficult to understand your legal obligations. At the Law Office of Stephen S. Photopoulos in Pittsburgh, I assist clients throughout Western Pennsylvania with all types of tax concerns. My firm helps individuals and businesses develop effective strategies to avoid tax overpayment and advocates for taxpayers who face sanctions for alleged rule violations. For more than a decade, I have provided Pittsburgh-area clients with the counsel they need to overcome their tax challenges.

Experienced attorney represents clients in all types of taxation disputes

Receiving a notice from a tax authority can be frightening, but skillful guidance from a knowledgeable attorney helps to relieve your burden. I provide a free initial consultation to discuss how I can be of assistance with matters such as:

  • Audit assistance — It can be very intimidating to face an audit from the IRS or the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. My firm performs a detailed review and makes sure that your legal rights and interests are respected.
  • Release of levies and liens — I represent clients in their efforts to have tax levies and liens released. In some cases, these actions cause an undue financial hardship; in others, they never should have been applied at all. I can work with tax agencies to create workable solutions such as installment agreements.
  • Delinquent filing matters — If you fail to file your tax return on time, you could face serious penalties, including incarceration. Even if your financial situation is complicated or you currently lack the ability to pay, I can help you prepare the required documents and work to minimize the sanctions against you.
  • Penalty abatements — Unforeseen circumstances can lead to late-payment penalties for individuals or businesses. In many instances, these fines and surcharges can be reduced, particularly if it is the first time you have missed a deadline.
  • Installment agreements — When clients are not immediately able to pay the full amount they owe, I work closely with them to understand their financial situation and negotiate with officials to secure a mutually acceptable installment agreement.
  • Offers in compromise — For those who cannot meet their entire tax obligation even with an installment plan, an offer in compromise provides a way to put your tax problems behind you. My firm will explain what type of offer might be approved and prepare the required materials on your behalf.

No one wants to be the subject of a tax action, but retaining an experienced attorney to assert your legal rights will maximize your chance at a favorable resolution.

Contact a dedicated Pennsylvania tax lawyer for a free initial consultation

The Law Office of Stephen S. Photopoulos represents Western Pennsylvania clients in a full range of tax and business matters. Please call 412-376-8822 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my Pittsburgh office.


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